January 23, 1909

It was around 5:40 in the morning. Jack Binns had just gone to bed after a long night at the wireless key of the Royal Mail Steamship "Republic" when he heard the foghorn grow more urgent and felt the ship slow down and reverse its engines. Then came a great crashing sound and half of his wireless cabin was ripped away. Had he still been sitting at his key, he would have been killed!
Thus began one of the greatest rescues at sea coordinated with the help of Marconi's new technology, wireless. More…



The Chatham Marconi Maritime Center, not far from the Cape Cod National Seashore is hosting a series of summer activities associated with rescues at sea using wireless, entitled "Radio to the Rescue!"
For a complete list of these events, go to: Coming Events & Blasts from the Past

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Dots and Dashes

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The story of the Florida/Republic rescue and more in Binns’ own words, illustrated and extensively annotated by his granddaughter, Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace, to give you a picture of the times, the technology, the terror, and the triumph.

Revised, updated, and available for sale in the (?near) future!.