Interesting Links

The web is rich in websites that mention the Republic-Florida collision and/or Jack Binns.  Here is a selection:

  • Fred Sammis has posted an extraordinary album created by his grandfather at titled "Historical News Coverage of The Sinking of the RMS Republic." In it you will find picture after picture and story after story from the newspapers published at the time of the sinking. Clicking on the thumbnails takes you to images so immediate and complete it's almost like being there to follow the first rescue at open sea as it was happening.
  • The RMS Republic Website:  this is the richest site devoted to the Republic-Florida collision.  It is maintained by Martin Bayerle, the person who found the wreck of the Republic, and who believes that it contains a fortune in gold bullion.  Bayerle outlines the evidence for this belief in deep and convincing detail.  Here you can also find a large number of images pertinent to the event, as well as stories of the survivors.
  • The American Experience | Rescue at Sea:  this is the website for the outstanding PBS documentary on the collision.  It focuses on Jack Binns, but also dramatizes the lives of passengers on the Republic and the Florida.
  • The Radio Officers' Association is "the only Radio Society of Great Britain affiliated society that comprises members with a professional radio qualification. ROARS is a subsidiary of the Radio Officers' Association, and membership includes a quarterly newsletter, "QSO," where an insightful article by David Barlow about Jack Binns was published December 2008. "ROARS runs the Lizard Marconi Wireless station, GB2LD, the oldest surviving Marconi coast station in the world, which has a display of spark gap transmitters."
  • Visit The Lizard Marconi Wireless Station, the oldest surviving Marconi coast station, to learn more about this extraordinary station and its place in history.
  • Jim Calvert at the University of Denver, Colorado, US, has created a very interesting website discussing the wireless equipment on the Republic; and a thorough description of telegraphy